13 Awesome T-shirts Gift Ideas

Whether it’s Father’s Day, your Grandma’s birthday, or a cousin’s retirement, there’s always the question of what to buy them as a gift. There’s one gift that never goes out of style, and that’s a cool looking t-shirt. You can get shirts in just about any way you want these days. From vintage t-shirts to ones with a superhero or even something that’s personalized. You can bet that there’s one out there that’s suitable for the person you are gifting to. Explore each type in a little more detail so you can decide which one is right for your upcoming special occasion.

Vintage T-shirts

Vintage is something that is valued because it’s in good condition, but it isn’t new. So, a vintage t-shirt would be a t-shirt that was made long ago, but people still want it because it’s chic and cool. You will find these in thrift stores, on eBay, or if you’re lucky, at a garage or yard sale.

Retro T-shirts

Retro and vintage t-shirts are pretty close to the same thing. Retro shirts are usually brand new, but they look like they are old through the design that the manufacturer did to it. It will have some sort of graphic design or logo on it that appears to be faded.

Superhero T-shirts

How great would you feel if you put on a shirt with Batman, Superman, or Captain America on it? There’s someone in every family that’s obsessed with one of the many Marvel men out there. You can generally find these at a pretty affordable price too.

Pop Culture T-shirts

Think of the cool and trending sayings that you see on social media. Now, put it on a t-shirt. Pretty sweet right? There are tons of places that have pop culture memes printed on shirts as well.

Cap Sleeve T-shirts

The cap sleeve t-shirt is one that you are only going to find for women. It would make a nice gift for your sister, best friend, or daughter. They have sleeves that cover the tops of the shoulders but don’t go all the way down and around the arm to give it a more feminine and fancy look.

Personalized T-shirts

There is an abundance of websites online that you can jump on and make up a t-shirt to suit the personality of the person you are gifting. It takes a little time and effort to put something together, but it’s awesome to have a t-shirt made uniquely for you!

Concert T-shirts

Who doesn’t have a favorite band? Think of the person you are gifting to and what kind of music they are always jamming to. Chances are, if you poke around a bit, you can find a t-shirt made for them online or even at the mall. Your friend or family member is going to appreciate the effort you put in.

Hooded T-shirts

Everyone loves to throw on a hooded sweatshirt when things get a little chilly. So, how cool would a hooded t-shirt be when the temperatures don’t get cold. These shirts will usually have a nice big pocket in the front or two pockets on the sides for storing all your goodies.

Baby Doll T-shirts

No, these aren’t shirts for baby dolls. They are called that because of the way they are made. These are for women, and they are more form-fitting than a regular t-shirt. They are nice for a girl that wants to look cute but casual at the same time.

Sleeveless T-shirts

There’s got to be a person you know that is always hot or always looking for a way to show off their sculpted arms. The ideal t-shirt for them would be a sleeveless version. Those are exactly what they sound like. A t-shirt material top without the sleeves. Perfect for getting some ventilation to the body on warm summer days.

Long Sleeve T-shirts

For someone that lives in a colder area or for one of your favorite people that don’t like to show off their arms for one reason or another, a long sleeve t-shirt is a perfect option. They are the same material as a regular t-shirt, but the sleeves extend all the way to the wrists for full coverage.

Embellished T-shirts

An embellished t-shirt is one that you would most likely find for a woman. They are “embellished” with things like gems, bows, studs, and rhinestones that stick out from the fabric making them sparkle and shine. You can often find them with all kinds of sayings or logos to suit the person you’re gifting to.

Raglan T-shirts

The raglan t-shirt is what is more commonly known as a baseball t-shirt. It is perfect for lounging around or heading out to a sporting event in. The sleeves on this kind of shirt are attached not in a straight up and down fashion but on a diagonal. Usually, the sleeves are a different color than the rest of the top.

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